Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Can Your Pillow Hurt You?

Patients ask me all the time "Which PILLOW is the best to use when sleeping?" My answer to that is the pillow that keeps your neck in the most NEUTRAL POSITION. First, what kind of sleeper are you? Do you sleep on your BACK? Do you sleep on your SIDE? Do you sleep on your TUMMY? Or do you MOVE ALL AROUND during your sleep?

If you’re a BACK SLEEPER then a big pillow or multiple pillows are not favorable for your NECK, because it puts a strain on your neck by keeping your neck in the flexed position. Therefore, using a smaller pillow is highly recommended.

If you’re a SIDE SLEEPER then a small pillow isn't good for your neck, because your head and neck will collapse downward, therefore a bigger pillow is highly recommended and it will keep your head more in the neutral position, as long as it is not too big of a pillow.

If you’re a TUMMWY SLEEPER, then there is no pillow that keeps your head in the neutral position. Sorry to say, but there is nothing positive about being a TUMMY SLEEPER in regards to your Neck, because your head always has to be rotated to one side.

So how Can Your Pillow Hurt You? Simply by you not using the right size of pillow for your favorite position that you sleep in. The MOST COMMON problem I see are when people fall asleep in bed while watching TV with either 2 pillows behind their neck or their pillow folded in half to raise their head up in the flexed position when watching TV.

If you suffer from these type of symptoms or if you’re not quite sure about your pillow I am available to help you, just give us a call at 714 577-0200.

Dr. Brian Prieto

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